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   The creation of an encyclopedia, this comprehensive body of knowledge, is a significant event in the life of every people, every nation. Each volume accumulates data on worldview, economy, science, music, architectural art, rites and customs that reflect the unique history of the country. The study of these national features, their presentation in a multi-volume book is the task of encyclopedic scientists.

   Since its establishment in 1967, the Kazakh Encyclopedias Publishing House has developed various encyclopedias for readers in many fields of knowledge and culture. Academician M.Karatayev was appointed the chief editor of the first Kazakh encyclopedia, and the well-known scientists and specialists were part of the main editorial staff.

   Under the Main Edition, 29 scientific groups were created, consisting of 313 scientists and specialists: among them 27 academicians and corresponding members of the Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SSR. In the preparation of each volume of the Kazakh Encyclopedia, an average of 850-1,200 authors participated.

   After the 15 volume universal encyclopedia, the Main Edition of the general public presented a short 4-volume encyclopedia “Kazakh SSR”.

   In 1986, the encyclopedia “Karaganda. Karaganda region "(the encyclopedia" Almaty "in Russian and Kazakh languages was previously released), which became the continuation of a series devoted to cities and regions of the republic. Important publications of the Main Edition of “Kazakh Encyclopedia” include the first three-volume encyclopedia for children “Who is it? What is it? ”.

On the 150th anniversary of Sh. Valikhanov, encyclopedists released a 5 volume collection of works by the scientist. “Kazakh-Russian Dictionary”, “Brief Kazakh-Russian Dictionary”, “Russian-Kazakh Phrasebook” were released with the aim of improving the study of the Kazakh language, expanding the scope of the use of the Kazakh language. The special appreciation of the readers of “Kazakh Encyclopedia” was earned by the publication “Shagyrak” - an encyclopedia of Kazakh lifestyle. This included materials about life, traditions and rites, the art of the Kazakh people. It has become a handbook for the general public. Until 1991, “Kazakh Encyclopedias” were also published encyclopedias: “Ak Otau”, “Negesh”, “Islam”, “Philosophical Encyclopedic Dictionary”, encyclopedia “Abay”, etc.

    The second period of the history of “Kazakh Encyclopedias” was associated with the period of independence of Kazakhstan, with the historical period of the formation of new views in society. During this period, the responsibility entrusted to Kazakh encyclopedists is growing, and the need to publish the Kazakhstan National Encyclopedia is ripening more and more clearly.

    As a result, in 1998 the first volume was published, and in 2007 the final 10th new body of knowledge “Kazakhstan. National Encyclopedia. ”

   The release of the final 9-10 volumes of the encyclopedia coincided with the 40th anniversary of the Encyclopedia's Editorial Board. In a short period, 5 volumes of the version of the Kazakh Encyclopedia in Russian and a handbook in English were issued.

    The formation of the “Kazakh Encyclopedias” collective and the establishment of one of the leading publishing houses in Kazakhstan were facilitated by its first leaders: M. Karataev, M. Kozybaev, R. Nurgaliev, A. Nysanbaev, B. Ayagan, B. Zhakyp. The current leader is a philosopher. (PhD) Doct. Zh. Toybaeva is making a lot of efforts to raise the national encyclopedic publishing house to a new level. With the arrival of a new leader in the team, work was carried out to select personnel, improve the work of publishing services, and update the thematic plan for the release of socially important types of literature.

    In order for the National Encyclopedia to turn out to be good and of high quality, the members of the Editorial Board provided great help: M. Zhurynov, G. Gesim, S. Zimanov, A. Kaydar, M. Magauin, K. Nurpeys, Sh. Valikhanov, A. Rakyshev. To create a dictionary of articles included in the encyclopedia, to enhance the quality of articles and terms, an interdisciplinary scientific council was created, which included well-known scientists of Kazakhstan: Zh. Sydykov, A. Baybatsha, B. Komekov, K. Serikbayev, O. Smagulov, T Gabitov, Kh. Khalikov, S. Borbasov, K. Okayev, K. Zharykbayev, M. Tatimov, N. Omashev, A. Bekenov, J. Ismukhambetov, F. Baymbetov, A. Aldashev, M. Alshynbayev and others.

    The team works closely with famous scientists and research institutes, leading higher educational institutions of the republic.

   In 1997-2010, the activities of the encyclopedia team were not limited to the release of the national encyclopedia. You can verify this by looking at the price list of the publisher’s products.

    Among the published books in 2008-2010. such publications as “Science of Kazakhstan”, “Nature of Kazakhstan”, “Children's encyclopedia”, etc. can be noted.

Mukhametzhan Karatayev  


Born in Kyzylorda region, Syrdariya district, Telikol village. ...

Years of management of publishing house 1968 – 1979

Manash Kozybayev 


Born in Kostanai region, Mendikara district, Tazkol village.

Years of management of publishing house 1980 – 1986

Rymgali Nurgaliyev 

(1940 - …)

Born in East Kazakhstan region,

Semey akimat, Kainar district. ...

Years of management of publishing house 1986 – 1997

Bauyrzhan Zhakyp 

((1963 - …)

Born in East Kazakhstan region, Abay district, Akkora village.

Years of management of publishing house 2009 – 2015

Abdmalik Nysanbayev 

(1937 - …)

Born in Kyzylorda region, Syrdariya district, Karauyltobe village. ...

Years of management of publishing house 1998 – 2003

Burkitbay Ayagan

(1954 - …)

Born in North Kazakhstan region, Esil district, Aktas village. ...

Years of management of publishing house 2003 – 2009









Zhadyra Toibayeva

Director – Chief Editor

Indira Imanaliyeva

Chief Accountant

Gulmira Zhalgasova 

HR Manager

Galiya Egeubayeva


Gusman Zhandybayev 

Senior editor

Kenzhegali Koshym-Nogai 


Nurymzhan Mauytov

Deputy Director

Gulkhan Almasbekova

I – category specialist

Meruert Bailenova


Klara Sarkenova



The Republic of Kazakhstan Almaty city

8th microdistrict, 19


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