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The Eurasian International Book Fair “Eurasian Book Fair - 2017” is taking place in Astana these days. This event is one of the most important events of the cultural and business program "Astana EXPO - 2017". The huge pavilion of the exhibition hall is literally filled with a variety of book bindings and beautiful book covers. There is everything here: thoughts about a mysterious past, an unknown future; novels and novels, bestsellers and short stories, fairy tales; the world of poetry and lyrics, industry books, scientific and specialized publications, fairy-tale and magical children's literature performed by toy books and much more was given to the eyes of residents and guests of the capital. In the domestic book market there are publishing houses of various directions and specifics. The rich assortment of book products produced by Kazakhstani publishing houses pleases the eye. Among the printing houses, a special niche is occupied by the Kazakh Encyclopedias Publishing House. For half a century, the real heavyweight of publishing has been leading the priceless historical and cultural annals of Kazakhstan. Encyclopedia means from ancient Greek "learning in a full circle", brought into the system review of all branches of human knowledge or the circle of disciplines, together constituting a separate branch of knowledge. An encyclopedia is also called a scientific reference manual containing an overview of sciences or disciplines (mainly in the form of a dictionary). In a broad sense - a collection of scientific information and references on various topics, intended for a wide range of readers. The creation of an encyclopedia, this comprehensive body of knowledge, is a significant event in the life of every people, every state. Each volume of the collection accumulates data on worldview, economy, science, music, architectural art, rituals and customs that reflect the unique history of the people. The study of these national features, their presentation in a multi-volume book is the task of encyclopedic scientists. Since its establishment in 1967, the Kazakh Encyclopedias Publishing House has developed various encyclopedias for readers in many fields of knowledge and culture. The editorial staff included well-known scientists and specialists. The formation of the “Kazakh Encyclopedias” collective, the formation of one of the leading publishing houses in Kazakhstan, was facilitated and also contributed by its first leaders Mukhametzhan Karataev, Manash Kozybaev, Rymgali Nurgaliev, Abdimalik Nysanbaev, Burkitbai Ayagan, Bauyrzhan Zhakyp; their work aimed at developing the encyclopedic component of the country is enormous. This year, "Kazakh Encyclopedias" marks exactly 50 years. Now the publishing house “Kazakh Encyclopedias” is headed by Dr. PhD Zhadyra Toibaeva. “For the past 50 years, the Kazakh encyclopedia of grains has been collecting the encyclopedias, collections, reference books and annals necessary for society and statehood. Representatives of the intelligentsia, who headed the publishing houses, those personalities who formed layers of priceless collections. Among the publications are universal, industry, regional, special and personal encyclopedias,” said Zhadyra Toibaeva. According to her, the publisher of the national treasure, like all other printing houses, is undergoing a new stage of development. Since last year, publishers on the balance of the state received the status of a private enterprise. Thus, domestic publishers went into great swimming competitiveness. “This experience is widely used in developed countries. In the era of market economics, this approach to the book business is correct. So we temper the domestic sphere of book publishing. Where there is competition, there is growing quality, service, the whole industry. Speaking of private activities, we do not exclude state support, for which we must fight and defend. The strongest survive in this process,” said Zhadyra Toibaeva. The team works closely with famous scientists and research institutes, leading higher educational institutions of the republic. In addition to the tomes, the publishing house publishes selected collections of prominent scientists and writers, politicians and artists. Encyclopedic collections framed by expensive bumvinil and crammed with gold leaf were and will be the decoration of bookshelves. The luxury of a home library is appreciated by the availability of folios. In honor of the 50th anniversary of the founding and exhibition of the international scale Expo, the publishing house has released a unique collection, a souvenir “Mangilik el. Qazaqstan” (Eternal country. Kazakhstan). The book tells about the identity, culture and statehood of the Kazakh people. The collection reveals to you the colors of the Great Steppe, the world and lifestyle of strong-willed nomads and the face of the modern Kazakhstani. In a word, this is the best souvenir gift in terms of beauty and content. 

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The heavyweight of publishing turned 50 years!



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